Doh Re Me Preschool
Doh Re Me Preschool
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Welcome to doh re me!

Are you looking for a high quality  music education for your child with care and all-round personal attention? Then you've come to the right place! 



For Information about the class for your child click on the pictures below:



Spend time with your baby learning new songs which will help him to learn & you to relax




Emily is practising beating in time to the music.


Big Toddlers


Grace will wait for the next phrase to roll the ball back.



Children in the Pre schooler class gain in confidence & learn to sing in tune.

We aim to support your child's musical development and prepare him or her for future enjoyment in singing and learning instruments.  

Doh Re Me is a Colourstrings Music School based in Ashbourne

Colourstrings has an excellent reputation worldwide for providing high quality pre-school music education in an intuitive & enjoyable way

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